MiPSO™ is an enterprise class web-based software built with advanced AI algorithms and scientific methods to address various requirements like load forecast, schedule and optimization for regulatory authorities, distribution utilities and system operators. MIPSO™ provides an end to end business process automation solution for the complex power system operation that includes planning and optimizing generation resources, save huge finacial risks by providing procurement optimization facility and ensure smooth operation of the power systems. The software provides individual modules that can run independtly or together to perform the load forecast with an integrated approach for the multi-area long, medium and short term resource optimization and execute the economic dispatch to schedule the resources. The power procurement optimization module allows the utilities to take right decisions on futuristic power procurement plans to ensure the demand supply balance. To address the complexities and uncertainties in renewable energy maximization, the software provides umpteen features to calibrate and analyse and adopt appropriate framework. MiPSO™  empowers the utilities to maximize the accuracy in forecast leading to economic resource planning, optimize the procurement cost at reduced risks,  investments & operational cost.


Product Insights

Feature Highlights
The MiPSO™ software enables utilities to create and study various scenarios that optimize power procurement plan with generation mix from available resources, future contracts and Renewable Energy maximization considering their uncertainty and variability. This software would reduce the overall generation cost, provide demand – generation adequacy and increase RE penetration.
  • Extensive data Modeling – It allows configuration of variables (energy and econometric variables), drivers, policies, generation resources, commercial and technical constraints, Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) targets, consumer categories and their respective historical consumption patterns.
  • Best-in-Class Algorithms – Uses Scientific methods to forecast long- and medium-term demand forecast along with demand impacting drivers & probabilistic methods to address the variations in the demand variabilities.
  • Strategic Resource Optimization – Uses appropriate methods to generate optimal generation mix plans with available resources and future contracts.
  • Recommendations – Provides recommendations on flexible generation requirement to address deficit through RE.
  • On Demand Scenario Creation – Allows users to create various scenarios on the fly to observer how various optimizations work for specific conditions without affecting the base case.
  • Interactive Visualization – Highly interactive and exhaustive dashboards are made available for easier analysis of the outcomes of various simulations.
  • Simple input data Templates – The tool provides flexibility to users to upload the data through well designed templates
  • Resource Plan & Procurement Optimization – The tool has flexible facility to choose from various optimization criteria such as cost, higher RE uptake, lower emission or on any combination of the three.
How the solution works?
The solution architecture gives us an insight into how the layers and modules are integrated.
MiPSO™ provides highly user-friendly and world-class visualisations that come handy for the planners and operators for quick execution of intended tasks. Based on the user-type, the dashboard could be configured with essential and desirable output widgets for user’s convenience.
Long/Medium/Short-term forecasting Probabilistic Analysis
Renewable generation variability and uncertainty Provide medium/long-term generation planning with optimal mix