Software Services


PRDC® is pioneer in products and services related to power domain. We are the proud owners of the various products that cover wide categories of power domain such as generation, transmission and distribution that address to specific problems. Our products are in the market from more than 20 years and being used by numerous utilities for various types of system planning, analysis, design, operation control, maintenance solutions, scientific modeling and training simulators. PRDC® products are not only used by the utilities, they are also being used by the academic and research institutions to teach power system. Our flagship product MiPower™ is used by 350+ colleges, 7 IITs and 8 NITs.


                                                      PRDC® software team is driven by technical strong engineers capable of developing desktop, web and cloud based products and services. The biggest advantage of PRDC® software team is that it is backed by domain experts in house which helps in power system business user needs and/or marketing goals into a software product by satisfying the end user expectations. Not only our team is capable of developing products, is also capable of integrating our products/solutions with the third party products seamlessly.

Services Offered

Based on the specific needs and requirements, the existing product will be customized or a new application will be developed. The team is capable of developing both desktop based as well as web based applications on various databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, DB2, MySQL and Access. The cutting edge technologies are used to meet the requirements in terms of both user interface as well as performance requirements.

Software team provides the support for maintenance of the applications delivered.. During the support and maintenance period user training, software upgrades, bug fixes (if any) will be handled.

In certain cases, the existing products/applications are to be enhanced by integrating with new modules required to meet the ever changing requirements. Our team has done numerous such seamless integrations with various applications such as GIS, SCADA, MDM, Billing etc. As part of IPDS/R-APDRP project, PRDC has successfully integrated NA (Network Analysis) software with various GIS packages such as ESRI, GE Small world and Zengeo.

Software Consulting

Software Consulting

PRDC® is pioneer in translating the power system business user needs and/or marketing goals into a software product by satisfying the end user expectations. For power generation, transmission, distribution utilities, bulk power consuming industries and other markets that need to optimally manage their assets to achieve quality and profitability and to the academia/research fraternity, PRDC® offers a host of solutions from power system planning, analysis, design, operation control and maintenance solutions to scientific modeling to training simulators. Unlike other products, PRDC® products(s) deliver the solutions and very capable services at a moderate cost. Software development group acts as on alignment between IT and business needs and marketing goals. Our software development group is supported by a dedicated staff of highly qualified engineers and scientists who have a combined knowledge of software development and domain expertise.

We are proud to be the developers of MiPower® the most sophisticated indigenous software suite mode for the power system engineering community.Yet another feather in the cap of software development group is the SCADA/EMS solutions, GIS solutions. Both MiPower® and SCADA/EMS solution ore the first of its kind in the country. It is over a decade since we launched these products and we are the leaders now.Besides software product to power system analysis, software development group is charged to take up any challenges in the software development arena, as ever. In recent times, software development group is quadrupled with senior consultants, software architects, development specialists, futuristic programmers and untiring testing and quality specialists equipped with the style-of-the-art tools. SDG is set to grow at a fast pace delivering quality software solutions on time.

The major area of our software products are:

  • Consultancy Services For Preparation of Road map for implementation GIS, MIS and Data Management for a Transmission Company
  • Consultancy Services for Preparation of Road Map for Implementation of Smart Grid for a Transmission Company
  • Consultancy Services for Preparation of Road Map for Implementation of Wide Area Measurement System (WAMS) for Transmission Company

Integrated Power Development Scheme(IPDS)


Information technology companies are seen playing a key role in India’s power distribution sector through the Centrally-sponsored Integrated Power Development Scheme(IPDS) {Formerly known as  Restructured Accelerated Power Development & Reforms Programme (R-APDRP)}, which has been launched by the Ministry of Power, Government of India under its 11th five year plan, that promises to cut AT&C losses to 15 per cent across major towns and cities.

Projects under the scheme are taken up in two parts. Part-A includes the projects for establishment of baseline data and IT applications for energy accounting/auditing and IT-based consumer service centres. Part-B includes regular distribution strengthening projects.

PRDC® is involved in successful implementation of GIS integrated network analysis software in Gujarat, West Bengal, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Uttarkhand, Chattisgarh, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, North Eastern States and Bihar.

Key Features

  • Network Analysis integration with ESRI’s ArcGIS, GE’s smallworld and third party Open GIS
  • The backend database support for ORACLE, DB-2, My SQL, Post GRE
  • Power system analysis modules integrated with GIS are :
    • Balanced and unbalanced Load flow
    • Short circuit study
    • Relay co-ordination
    • Line and Cable parameter calculation
    • long term load forecasting
    • Ground grid design
  • Distribution Planning Tools to assist decision support system towards technical improvement in distribution system and business processes automation for utilities implemented are :
    • New consumer connection analysis
    • Technical Loss computation
    • Switching optimization
    • Load allocation analysis
    • Energy loss computation
    • Line re conductoring
    • Network Re configuration
    • Line break even loading
    • Voltage regulator placement
    • Line support evaluation
    • Transformer re location
  • Financial Analysis tools for commercial feasibility study are :
    • Cost Estimation
    • Present worth computation
    • Cost benefit analysis