Protection suite is comprehensive enterprise solution packaged essential components required to operate a robust power system. It includes, a sophisticated manufacturer independent protection equipment modeling framework, life-cycle log and tracing mechanism for the protection template and settings, industry standard settings calculation support integrated with analysis tools.

A web based protection management suite provides the solution to overcome few of the major difficulties in the conventional protection settings management life cycle.

  • Facility to store all types of relay settings irrespective of the manufacturer : . The data capture and rendering is configurable so that the terminology that appears on the user interface screen is similar to the manufacturer settings data. Even the future relays can also be modeled.
  • Capture the life cycle of protection settings and template.
  • Interface with Relay Setting Calculation engine.
  • Store the documents related to the relay- The relay catalogues, the setting files, disturbance reports and all the documents pertaining to a protective device can be stored.
  • Import and Export data through excel and xml files.
  • Remotely accessible : Web based access from various geographically distributed location.
  • Role based access control : Enables view, edit, add user rights. Restricts user access and prevent unauthorized modification of data. Also the modification log is maintained to keep track of the template or settings modification.
  • Reporting.


  • Ensures responsibility and ownership of changes done in the relay setting parameters among the process owners.
  • Assists the Protection engineer to conduct the required studies to arrive at adequate settings and verify the settings through simulation.
  • Enables complete tracking of the relay settings changes.
  • Supports the planning engineers in planning the protection system to better adapt to a system-wide disturbance.
  • Facilitates the protection engineer to access the details of all the equipment in the network, and in conducting periodic fault studies followed by relay setting, verification and co-ordination studies.
  • Provides the scope for addressing any instability in a hierarchical manner.
  • Customized reports and MIS can be generated as per the requirement.
  • Facilitates for Post- mortem analysis of faults.
  • Regional Power Committee’s in India like Eastern, Western, Southern, northern and NER.
  • Transmission and Utility companies in India and abroad.
  • Central govt. utilities.
  • State owned power generation companies in India and Abroad.
  • Major Generating companies.