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As a natural extension of our activities, PRDC® is offering solutions and services related to setting up Distributed Generation plants using renewables. We offer Grid-tie rooftop solar power plant solutions under the brand name MiPSolar. PRDC® also offers EPC Management services for setting up rooftop solar power plants and ground mounted utility scale solar power plants.

Rooftop Solar Power Plants help electricity consumers to become self- dependent on electricity using their unused roof space. Several states have announced net metering policies and feed in tariffs which make it a viable investment to set up rooftop solar plants.

PRDC® offers Grid Interactive Rooftop Solar Solutions under brand name MiPSolar with the following features :

  • Components of MiPSolar systems are sourced from best quality manufacturers and conform to relevant IEC and IS Standards.
  • MiPSolar System is engineered to provide maximum benefit to the customer and installed by best in class partners. .
  • MiPSolar systems will generate 4–5 kWh/kWp per day depending upon location, orientation and weather conditions. .
  • Roof space required for MiPSolar systems is 100 sft shade free area per kWp capacity. .
  • MiPSolar Systems are offered in two variants – MiPSolar-Grid Connected and MiPSolar-Hybrid System. .

  • Interactive Hybrid system with batteries for storage of electricity.
  • Generates electricity even when grid is not available
  • Provides electricity stored in batteries during non-sunlight hours.
  • Controls DG set operation to switch it on when both grid and battery storage are not available. .
  • Includes a display panel to monitor power generation and consumption.
  • Smart controller to control loads to match power generation provided as an option.

  • Grid interactive system.
  • Generates electricity when grid and sun are available.
  • Includes a display panel to monitor power generation & consumption.