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MiAFAS™ – MiPower® Automated Fault Analysis System

Ground breaking innovations in protection and communication technologies and intelligent protection systems are generating voluminous data. Following a disturbance, a protection engineer is entrusted with the responsibility of analysis of such unstructured data, to better understand the behaviour of protection system.

Timely analysis/assessment and taking corrective actions of such a data helps in great way in operating the power system in a reliable manner. Traditionally, this would take few days to few weeks for the utility personnel to derive insights and come up with remedial measures if any. MiAFAS completely automates this and provides concise information in minutes, enabling faster decision making and reduce operational cost.

Why MiAFAS™ ?

MiAFAS™ adds value to operations in multiple dimentions:
  • Reduces Analysis time
  • Performs in-depth analysis
  • Helps to comply with regulatory authorities
  • Enables data mining on fault data
How it works ? The disturbance data collected (in COMTRADE format) from protection equipments get transferred to central processing system. MiAFAS™ preprocessing engine checks for validity of the file(s) and passed through the analysis engine which analyzes the data using various intelligent algorithms pre-defined fault signature and generates a detailed report.
Major Types of Analysis
Current Deployments Currently MiAFAS™ is installed in one of the Indian state-owned electric utility company which transmits about 50% of the total power generated in India on its transmission network. More than 230 substations and 8000+ numerical relays across India are integrated with MiAFAS™. The voltage levels include 132kV to 765kV. The system is in operation since 2018. Apart from this, MiAFAS™ is being supplied to two more state transmission utilities in India. Refer to brochure and other materials for more information.


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