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MiPower Student Version (MiPower Subscribe) is a highly interactive, user-friendly windows based Power System Analysis package. It includes a set of modules for performing a wide range of power system design and analysis study. MiPower Student Version features include a top notch Windows GUI with centralized database. Steady state, transient and electro-magnetic transient analysis can be performed with utmost accuracy and tolerance. MiPower Subscribe is designed for the student to conduct different experiments and project works. It helps students to work with MiPower software at their comfort and outside the college labs. The software is designed to work with centralized license approving mechanism and student can subscribe packages as per the need. Student can register to subscribe the package by paying nominal fee and continue to use the application.

How it Works

MiPower Subscribe works on subscription basis. As part of the registration process, validity of the student is verified. Each student is given a unique user id. Along with the user id, subscription period and system specific information is verified to allow the student to work with the software. Student is allowed to work with the software as long as the subscription period is valid. If the subscription period is expired, student has to renew the subscription to work with the software.

The modules that will be enabled as part of the package depend on the university to which the student belongs too. If the student wants to use modules other than those which are part of the syllabus, then he/she has to subscribe for a different package. The pricing of the package depends on the modules which are included in the package.

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